COVID has us soul searching our passions.

The combination of skyrocketing business closures and cabin fever at home has led many people to rethink their streams of income.  According to a recentsurvey from a popular staffing firm, more than 57% of office professionals are second-guessing their current line of work due to the pandemic and all of the existential questions about health, home, and priorities. Of this large majority rethinking their work future, 44% will now be prioritizing their personal life overwork, with another 33% wanting to pursue something more meaningful in their life.  Considering the U.S. national unemployment rate of 10.2% as of July, we can expect to see structural changes to employment trends in our economy functions for the remainder of 2020 and 2021.



Uncertainty is the only certainty.

Changing careers while federal stimulus aid touted to sustain people through these difficult times has been curtailed and can be nerve-racking during this pandemic.  As a result the number of people working 2 or more jobs among those employed, has skyrocketed as families struggle to maintain their livelihoods. The often-overlooked risk of multiple jobs per person (and family) is the increase in the chances of contracting COVID. At a time when health services are stretched thin, any necessary quarantine from a COVID infection will likely decrease income.  However, some motivated “Covidians” have found an alternative income stream with low risk for COVID infection.


Ourglass provides opportunities to make money safely and dependably.

With many businesses adapting their model to a work-from-home environment, there has been a rise in the popularity of video call and payment processing apps.  These apps are transforming an economic calamity into a financial opportunity for motivated people with skills to share. These creatives have managed to take a passion, hobby, or talent and create an income-generating business around it via video-call appointments, and subsequent payment by their clients through a separate payment app. Ourglass simplifies and improves this process by consolidating video and payment services into one app which results in more money, less hassle, and saving time. All walks of business appear to be jumping on the content provider wave.  From math tutors and guitar players to lawyers and therapists, Ourglass is increasing earnings and decreasing delinquent charges, undercharges, and awkward money conversations. For more insights in navigating through these tough times, check out  [ Washington Post: Small Business Tech Pandemic ].

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