Every. Minute. Counts.

Ourglass combines video calls with mobile payments into a single mobile app.

Professionals providing their expertise via video charge clients immediately & dependably at the end of each call.

The Ourglass Team

Cornelius Clay

Ourglass’ CEO Cornelius is an accomplished tech leader focused on simple, practical uses of technology to improve people’s lives.  With a professional experience of 10+ years problem solving computer technical systems for industry leaders such as Verizon and Teletrac Navman, Cornelius has felt the growing demand for remote learning first hand.

Now the Owner of Ironside Martial Arts Association, the demand for digital learning solutions remain ever present. Between juggling a growing family with the operations of a school, video calls have simplified his daily life. Dividing his time between living in Temecula, California, and West Melbourne, Australia, Cornelius can’t wait to see the new opportunities Ourglass brings to the table.


Greg Spils

Product development at Ourglass takes a pragmatic approach with Greg at the helm. As a parent in 2020, Greg has seen the burgeoning demand for mobile tutoring across all topics and services.  And as the ex-drummer of The Hold Steady, Greg aspires to moonlight as a drum teacher via Ourglass for some extra fun and funds.

The majority of Greg’s experience has been at Amazon for 12+ years, starting in the late 90s in software development, and eventually traversing into the commercial side of Amazon as a Principal Product Manager.  Since then Greg has managed Product and Marketing teams at several retail brands such as Napster and Rosetta Stone.  Greg lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with his beloved wife, two children, and boat.


Peter Hilgendorf

Peter is the product and experience designer behind Ourglass.

He has over 20 years experience designing innovative products and services and leading fast-moving teams at Amazon.com, AWS, Microsoft, and Rhapsody/Napster. 

Like you, video calls are his daily life since he left the corporate workspaces in 2019. Peter lives in West Seattle and heads up the technical support department for the two young students who remote learn from his house–be it their jr. high and high school classes, voice lessons, and soccer practices–yes, they do that on their phone too, these days.