Every. Minute. Counts.

Ourglass combines video calls with mobile payments into a single mobile app.

Professionals providing their expertise via video charge clients immediately & dependably at the end of each call.



Ourglass FAQ


Q:  Why should I use Ourglass?  Why wouldn’t I just hold video sessions with Zoom or Skype, and then charge via Venmo or PayPal?

A: You can, and some Service Providers do.  Those same Service Providers consistently encounter 3 issues when using separate video and payment services:

  • Underpayment – When video sessions run longer than scheduled Providers usually bill at their original rate, losing out on earnings for the extra minutes.  With Ourglass, when a session runs overtime you have a pro-rated option to charge your client, earning you more money for the same time you’re spending now.
  • Delinquency – Zoom and Skype are not integrated with payment systems, so Providers often don’t get paid after they’ve delivered their service via video.  With Ourglass, we validate your client’s payment method before each video session to maximize successful payment, and minimize you chasing down your clients for money.
  • Unpaid Time – It takes time to account and collect for sessions given via Zoom or Skype.  With Ourglass we handle the accounting, charging clients at the end of each session and providing robust reporting on your sessions and earnings.  

Service Providers like you consistently earn more money in less time with Ourglass.

Q: What are the fees and costs to my business for Ourglass?

A: Ourglass is free to download for both providers and their clients. You will keep over 95% of your charges with Ourglass 4.9% fee of your client charges.  Included in this charge are credit card processing fees, streaming video fees, and Ourglass staffing fees.  Ourglass only charges a service fee when you charge your clients.  There are no Ourglass fees for free consultations.  

Q: How, exactly, will my time tracking be made more simple by using Ourglass?

A: You create and define your services in the Ourglass app, including the time duration of each service.  A timer is displayed in the corner of your video session so that you and your client both know how you’re tracking against the duration of your service.  Less awkward ‘wrap it up” conversations at the ends of your sessions, and more importantly when you run over time, your client is not surprised at the extra pro rated charges (if you choose the pro rated charge option).

We also have a “pause” button for Providers for those unpredictable moments you may need to step out to answer the door or take a short break. This pauses the “billing clock” for more fairness (and transparency!) to your clients.

Q: May I use Ourglass without charging my clients?

Yes. As a knowledge provider, when you configure your services, you are welcome to establish as many types of services as you like–including $0 services. In addition to 30 and 60 minute paid session services, our providers often have a free consultation service reserved for new clients. These sessions are limited to 30 minutes.  There are no Ourglass fees for free consultations.  


Q: How, exactly, will my accounting be simplified using Ourglass?

A:  Ourglass provides a “Session History” for each of your clients where you’ll find a list of all previous invoices and sessions.  We also display a summary of your earnings across all your clients, and easy fund transfers to your personal accounts.

Q: Does Ourglass use secure connections?

A:  Yes, Ourglass uses secure https video transmission. We do not record or store any of the video footage that is captured using Ourglass.

Q: What, specifically, do I need to do for setting up my business on Ourglass?

A: Your unique expertise, your clients, and a debit card (or bank account) for depositing your earnings.

Q: I already have a Stripe account for my business, can I use it for Ourglass?

A:  Yes. When you are setting up your Stripe account, Stripe will recognize your email address and allow you to associate your Stripe account with Ourglass.

Q: I don’t have a Stripe account. Is it free/easy to setup?

A: Setting up a Stripe account is easy and free. There are no additional costs to processing payments through Stripe.  

Q: I sit at a desk and use my laptop because the screen is bigger and it sounds nice. Will Ourglass be usable in a browser or an app I can download on my laptop?

A: Ourglass is an app-based service that works on both iOS and Android at this time.  This means Ourglass app will run on any Mac using the OS Catalina (release October 2019) or after, or an iPad, or an Android tablet.  We do not yet support Ourglass on browsers.

Q: I can see hundreds of people in my connections. Who are they?

A: We are currently in a public beta, so all providers are viewable to all clients, and vice versa.  We will be narrowing this ‘field of view’ as we move out of beta.

Q: How do I get help using Ourglass?

A:  You can always write us an email at support@ourglass.live, or DM us on Twitter at @ourglass.