Introducing Ourglass.

Every. Minute. Counts.

More Time for What Matters

Professionals use Ourglass for their billed video calls to earn more money in less time.  Ourglass provides payment validation before each call starts, crystal clear audio & video, to-the-minute billing options, and prompt charging upon completion of each call. This means more time delivering value and less time calculating it.

More Income

Ourglass verifies your client has a valid payment method before starting a session and ensures prompt payment at the end of each session.

Ourglass makes it easy to pro-rate your billing rate by auto-calculating the total bill and auto-billing the client.

Less Hassle

Video and payment services are tightly integrated into a single app to help you conduct business.

Your client reviews and agrees to the length and charge before starting each session.

Save Time

By validating client’s payment and resolving any unpaid sessions before each session with a client, you both save time and avoid awkward money conversations.

Spend more time providing service and less time accounting.  Ourglass provides you running history of invoices and payments from all your billed sessions.